Rendering your venue

Today it is possible.
Thanks to the use of 3D rendering software we can take advantage of virtual reality.
To date, investing on this frontier allows us to see in advance how our show will be and evaluate all the changes to be made.

Light Operator

The light programmer is the one who realizes in practice what you want.
Human error, however, exists, but we can avoid it.
The timecode system allows us to synchronize our show with great precision.
The system is really stable, in fact, more networked desks guarantee a full tracking backup of the show

Graphic Laser Operator

The new frontier of special effects
The Graphic Laser Operator is the one who creates and draws your Laser concept.
Laser technology has evolved a lot in recent years as well as their control systems.
Today you can customize your lasershow with many heads and synchronize it in timecode with your needs.